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Navigating Las Vegas Mazes

So lets face it. Trying to track anything down in Vegas is more or less a pain. I've lived here for, heck, I can't even remember any more, and locating specifics is still impossible without GPS. On, and with all the tourists overloading the networks from time to time? Yeah, so much for my handy-dandy GPS. Thanks MGM Friday Night Boxing/Britney Spears/some bastard I've never heard of but who decided to come to town and screw with my cell network. Ugh, sorry. It's nice to live in Vegas with everything to see and do, but as is the case anywhere else, there's always a few drawbacks. One thing I have found though, and that I tell everyone, is if they don't want to track down a girl, an escort or a massage service, they need to take advantage of some of the nice outcall services.

Really, Outcall?

Hey, this is "out west" isn't it? While a bit different from the town doc riding up to the ol' farmstead to give pap a shot of whiskey while prodding the gang green. Little different, but the same basic principal. Thankfully, instead of sending the eight year old kid (don't worry, something happens to that one you'd have a half dozen other kids to go in his place back in the day) into town to flag down a doctor who's only medical training is cutting into dead corpses in the middle of the night, you just need to pick up your phone and give the Las Vegas outcall escort service a buzz. Much easier, much faster, and, well, just as much whiskey.

Ditch the Driving App

Have you ever tried to order an Uber, hop into the back seat of the car and tell them to take you to naked women who will rub your body? Kind of an odd conversation to have, I must say. I tried it on a Lyft driver. You'd think a driver with a giant pair of plastic lips in their front window would have a better sense of humor. Wrong! I have to say avoid that kind of situation if at all possible. Sure, there is likely a massage parlor in Las Vegas that gives you what you need, but I'm always a fan of doing it in the hotel room. It's more comfortable, fewer people, and if the hotel is big enough, nobody is going to notice the escort heading up to the room. I'm a big time advocate for the Vegas in-room massage. A nude massage Las Vegas service is just better served in a room, and much easier.