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Would you look at those perfectly cute titties. Perfect for you to love! There’s nothing better than a naked Cody, waiting for you. Cody is holding her breasts, waiting for you to come and take over. Don’t you love seeing Cody bend over a chair?

Cody Wants To Show You Everything

My name is Cody. If you are looking for a Las Vegas escort that looks innocent, I can be as innocent as you want me to be. By the end of our night together, you will see that I am not innocent at all. I feel lucky to be a Las Vegas escort so I make sure to do my best. It is so much fun to be a girl that guys lust over. Give me a call and you can lust over me all you want.

Some people have told me that I look like the girl next door. I like that because it shows that they think I am cute, but also accessible. If I am your Las Vegas escort tonight, I am way more than accessible. You will have your own personal brunette girl next door the entire night. I have been known to be shy and a little timid, but guys seem to like that. Las Vegas has definitely helped me open up. Being a Las Vegas escort also helps me be more confident. I get so much positive feedback from men that I spend time with. I think it’s because my shyness doesn’t come off as a lack of confidence. I’m just a shy girl in a big city and I know you will enjoy corrupting me.

I love to go shopping because I like to have all kinds of outfits ready when I go out as a Las Vegas escort. I need to look good in any type of situation so I have an outfit for everything. If you just want to play games in your room, I have multiple outfits for that as well. I have all kinds of sexy lingerie if you want to imagine that I am a lingerie model who stepped out of the catalog to be with you.

Let's Face It, Cody Wants To

I also have a lot of fun uniforms and outfits like my schoolgirl outfit. I put on my pleated skirt, short socks and white button-down top. I step out of the bathroom and tell you how naughty I’ve been. Bending me over your knee is the only way I will behave. This is only one of the many fun and satisfying games we can play on our date. What’s your fantasy? Tell me what it is when you call and that is who will show up at your door.

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