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Crystal Is A Gem

Just look at those amazing boobs! Pull down the top!! Crystal slipping off her thong? Delicious and more please. Do you like bald pussy? You’ll love Crystal’s.Crystal sure is an adorable blonde, isn’t she? Looking up at Crystal between her legs is the best view! Just wait for Crystal to get out of that clothing!

Las Vegas Escorts Crystal

Crystal is one of those Las Vegas escorts you really hope you're going to meet when you come here. The greatest combination of sweet and hot that anyone could want. And what a body too! She's definately hot everything going on, from the blond hair to those luscious boobs of hers. She's an escort who can make your dreams come true. Let's face it, lot's of people come here hoping to find escorts in Las Vegas who will make their visit even better. But much of the time they will go home being dissapointed instead. Crystal is not going to dissapoint anyone! She is one hot lady who has it all going on in a really big way.

Loving What I Do As An Escort Matters

I really enjoy being one of the Las Vegas escorts that people remember. It's not even so much that I really want to stand out for that reason. It's more that I really love what I do and I want the people I got out with to know that. I want them to be at ease on our date. To have the best time they possibly can with me, and to remember our time together as something that they want to do again. I know that many Las Vegas escorts really aren't that into what they do. Not me! I freaking love it. I get to meet amazing people and have amazing experiences too. Being here in this incredible place makes it all that much better.

Let Me Say A Little About Myself

What’s up cutie! My name is Crystal. I have light blonde hair, soft sensitive skin and big natural boobs. Do you like them? They are really soft and fluffy. As a matter of fact, my whole body is very soft and creamy. Wait until you see how soft it is in person. People tell me that I have an innocent face. I actually used to be pretty innocent and naïve. I came to Vegas and became an escort and I was not very innocent for very long. Las Vegas makes me want to be naughty and being a Las Vegas escort allows me to be as naughty as I want to be.

Las Vegas Is Where People Come To Be Naughty

I love the look on a man’s face when I get naughty. Men seem to think that my fresh face means that I’m a prude. I am far from it now honey. I have all kinds of ways to satisfy you and I don’t hesitate to use them. Sometimes I get more turned on than my client’s do. I love to be someone’s fantasy. I wonder if you are fantasizing about me right now. I hope so. That would be hot. I like to be the object of a man’s fantasy. I love the attention and it makes me feel beautiful. It also makes me want to make you feel good back.

Look at me, being naughty already. I better save some of this naughtiness for when you call. I want you to play with me. Sometimes I get so excited when I am chosen, I rush right over to get the night started. It is so much fun being a Las Vegas escort and I want to have sexy fun with you.

Do I sound like the type of girl you would like to go out with? I hope so, because I’m right here waiting for your call. Feel free to tell me any special requests you have. I could bring some different little sexy outfits and I want to bring just the right ones that you would like. I can bring some toys or even another girl. Okay, I can’t wait any longer. I’m ready to be naughty with you. Will you call me?


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