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Kylee Is A Dream Date

kylee best escort service in las vegas Just need to pull that dress down further. Love to have Kylee sitting in your office chair like that!Kylee sure knows how to show off her body. Kylee with her breasts coming out of her shirt? Yummy. Long legs and perfect breasts? Take deep breathes, yes it is hot. Sexy underwear, stockings and on all fours? Kylee knows how to work it. 


I Love To Be Sexy

What’s up sexy! I’m Kylee. I am a bubbly and talkative blonde Las Vegas escort. I am a lot of fun and I am such a girly girl. I am known to be very playful and I love to laugh with you. If I am your Las Vegas escort, you are guaranteed to have a super fun night full of smiles and lots of sexiness. All you wonderful men are sexy to me and I want to share my time with you. I’m the type of Las Vegas escort that really cares about your good time. You deserve the best.

I love to make all my dates a lot of sexy fun. I can be very playful and I adore dressing up. Make sure to let me know if you have any wardrobe suggestions when you call. I have all kinds of cute and sexy outfits I can bring and model for you. We can make a sexy game out of it. My fondness for fun games is sure to make your night with me eventful. I always stay positive and laugh a lot, but nothing is more important than putting a smile on your face. I know so many great clubs to see comedy in Vegas if you want to have a laugh before we go back to your room. I will be a fun date either way and a smile is guaranteed. 

You'll Have Plenty To Choose From

I offer many different services, but I am kind of famous for my stripteases and lap dances. I have a sultry way that I move my body that really seems to hypnotize guys. I say that because their jaws drop open and their eyes open wide. I dance for you and slowly drop my clothes one piece at a time. By the time I’m nude, you’ll be ready to explode. Now imagine, at the height of your titillation, I climb on top of you. I slide my supple body against you. You’ll think you are dreaming, but I am very real. I love to turn you on and I love to be close to you. I hope you will choose me as your Las Vegas escort so you can experience this for yourself. You have to call me first or you will never find out.

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