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Hi, I’m Opal. It can be hard when choosing Las Vegas escorts so I want to make it easy for you. I know you think I am pretty or you wouldn’t be checking out my profile. I am here to tell you that I have the skills as well. I want to be the experience that you whisper to your buddies about with a smile that you can’t shake. If I am your escort in Las Vegas, I will work on putting that smile on your face right away.

My body was built for pleasure. It’s lean and strong and I keep it in excellent shape. I am also very proud of my boobs. I know you are going to like them. I hope you like big boobs because I do. They give me that hourglass figure that a lot of men like. I love going out and I know all the best clubs, but the part I like the most about being a Las Vegas escort is the fun we have in your room. That’s where I get to play sexy games, do role-playing, use toys and a whole list of things we can do together. Things like a fully nude massage are my specialty.

I have so many ways that I can show you pleasure that we couldn’t get through them all in one night. I sure would like to try though. I love what I do and it shows in the way I carry myself. I am genuinely happy to be with you and nothing brings me more pleasure than satisfying you. I absolutely love it here in Las Vegas and men like you make it an even more fun place to be.

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Call me up now and let me work hard for your pleasure. My goal is to put a smile on your face the entire time we are together and even the ride home. I want our experience together to be fresh in your brain for a long time to come. Being a Las Vegas escort is more than just a job to me. Men like you are what keeps me content and you help me make the best out of living in Las Vegas. Give me a call honey. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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