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Rachel Is A Stunning Escort

Tits popping out of her dress? Now that is a hot look, Rachel. Rachel sure knows how to work a hot black dress. That one button is holding her entire dress up! Pulling her tits out like that? Now that’s hot.

Beautiful and Bountiful, That's Rachel

Hello, my name is Rachel. I am a blonde and energetic Las Vegas escort with an hourglass figure and a body to die for. Is this why you decided to check me out? Did you click my way because of my hair color? Is it my pretty face? Now that you are here, you see that I have big juicy boobs as well. I hope you like me for all of the above because it’s all right here and waiting for your call.

If I had to describe myself in two words it would be hot and wild. I hope you want your next trip to Vegas to be intense and eventful because I am a lot to handle. I love motorcycles, leather rock and roll and hot men to dance with. You will not believe it when you get me on the dance floor. I go crazy with a good rock song and having me on your arm, you will be the life of the party. Just because I am wild, don’t think that I am abrasive. I am just the opposite. My endless energy is all positive and it will be aimed right at you. As far as I’m concerned, you and I are the only ones that exist on our date. A lot of people like to come to party in Vegas, but having me as your Las Vegas escort makes it more than a party. It makes it a wet dream come true.

Do I Look Like A Celeb To You?

Some people have told me that I look like a younger version of Shannon Tweed. I love that because she is beautiful. I’m not as famous as her, but I will make you feel like you are famous. Have you ever wondered what it was like for a beautiful and sexy girl to cater to you? Have you ever wondered what it was like to be alone in a room with that object of your affection? You don’t have to wonder any more honey. If you like the way I look, I know that our date will make you even happier that you chose me as your Las Vegas escort. I have done some acting and modeling and I learned some skills that make me a great escort. I try my best to be your dream girl and I am confident that I can achieve that by the end of our date.

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