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Tia Is Your Hot Ticket To Fun

Now those are perfect, perky tits to have fun with. Tina Knows How To Get Down If you’re nice Tia will show you what she’s hiding under there.  What would you give to be that toy between Tia’s tits?

I Once Got Caught Flashing In Vegas!

Hey you sexy man. Are you looking for a spicy Latina bombshell to escort you on your next trip to Vegas? You can stop right here because I am the only one you need. My name is Tia. I am a Las Vegas escort who knows what you want.

I am originally from L.A. I used to think that L.A. was fun. The fun of being an escort in Las Vegas far surpasses anything I did in L.A. I used to come to Las Vegas every few months, but I never seen what made it truly great until I came to live here. You would not believe all the things you can do on a night in Las Vegas. As your Las Vegas escort, my job is to show you all the places in Vegas that fit you the best.

I want you to be confident that you can make the night whatever you want it to be. I give you so many choices that all end with you patting yourself on the back for choosing the greatest Las Vegas escort in town. One night together with me in Vegas and I know you will miss me. Don’t worry honey. Just give me a call the next time you come back. Another equally steamy and erotic night will be ahead of you.

I also used to think that L.A. had the best clubs. Not true my friend. Las Vegas has a massive amount of clubs with every kind of music, atmosphere, drinks and price ranges you can think of. I can take you to some nightspots that will blow your mind. It doesn’t matter what you are into, I can find the perfect club for you and sometimes more than a few.

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I want to make sure to give you all the choices you deserve. I want to relieve all your stress of the work week and show you a night that fits you like a glove. Escorts in Las Vegas know this city well, but I make it a point to know you. Once I find out who you are, it’s pretty easy to show you places that you will love in Vegas. I want to be the Las Vegas escort that you brag to your friends about. Call me up now and we’ll see what we can do to make your next Vegas trip eventful and amazing.

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