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ASMR: We Have Been Doing It All Along, But Now It Has A Name

13ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a term used to describe the thrill of sensations that start on your scalp, run down your neck, and end in your spine. They are experienced when something that delights you immensely takes place. This doesn't happen with any old action. Some people experience it when they hear a particular sound or watch a certain action. It can also be felt when you are touched in a specific manner. Here's how a session with one of our escorts will help you experience this phenomenon.

Her Look Will Be Extremely Appealing

The first step to possibly having an ASMR experience is to enjoy watching and hearing the woman you are going to spend time with. If you don't like what you see or hear, you won't be likely to have this exhilarating feeling. To boost your chances of a successful session, look at our website and pick out some escorts that you find attractive. Check out each of their profiles next to get a sense of the personalities of each one. If you wish, you can call our service and request to speak with an escort if you want to hear her voice. Schedule a date with the escort you select and get ready for a time you will want to relive over and over.

Spend Time With Your Escort In Public

While not all guys want to head out into the city with their escort, there's something to be said about spending time with her in a public location. You'll have the chance to get to know her on a closer level before you head back to your place for some intimacy. This often helps to build the attraction between the two of you and will help in boosting anticipation about what is to come. You'll also have the opportunity to enjoy some entertainment with a pretty partner by your side. There's definitely nothing wrong with that!

Let Your Senses Take Control

Your escort will accompany you back to your home or hotel room for some alone time. This is when the ASMR takes place. She'll first tempt you with some stripping, sexy words, whispered flirtations, and soft touches. If you know what really turns you on, don't be shy about letting her know. She'll use this information to help enhance the experience you have with her. Some guys like to be massaged before further intimacy takes place. This is a great way to enjoy ASMR. Touches, sounds, and your escort's beauty will all be present, helping you to relax and enjoy the companionship she provides. Perhaps seeing her nude body will release the sensations you want to feel. That's not a problem at all! Stripteases, lap dances, nude massage, and more await!