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Different Strip Clubs Cater to Different Tastes

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If you want to hit a few strip-clubs while in Vegas, walking in without a bit of advance knowledge can be a bit overwhelming...especially if you have a specific type of atmosphere in mind. Different people enjoy different experiences when it comes to strip clubs, making it necessary to scope out the selection so you hit just the right spot for the type of entertainment you are looking for. Here is a sampling of some of the clubs in the area to help you make your selection.

When Music Is On The Mind

The music being played for strippers to dance to makes a huge impact on the aura you will feel when you spend some time in a club. Picking a club with a premiere sound system, plenty of dancing space, and a club-like feel can boost your spirits and get you in the mood to party. Sapphires is one of the biggest strip clubs in Las Vegas and boasts 70,000 square feet of entertaining space. It is considered to be the largest gentlemen's club in the entire world. If you want to go big, this is the place to go.

A Bit Of Fun Without The Fanfare

Sometimes a guy wants to hit a strip club without all the hoopla involved. A place where there is not a strict dress code, where the strippers are friendly and not catering to those wearing expensive suits and a hometown atmosphere can be found at Club Platinum. This "dive" strip club is very small but has cheap beverages and plenty of entertainment. Enjoy the relaxed feeling and the beautiful women around you.

When You Want A Male's Perspective

If you are male and are interested in men, or if you want to bring your date out to an establishment where men are the focal point, then Share is the place for you. This strip club is the only LBGT establishment in the area with a strip license. You'll feel at home regardless of your sexual preference or gender.

Bring Your Date Out For Fun

The Olympic Garden has strippers of both sexes within the same establishment, only on different floors. You are free to go to either floor, regardless of your sex, and enjoy the features with your significant other. This is a strip club that caters to couples, making it a great get-away to rekindle romance or get started with a new relationship. This is also a prime location for the hosting of bachelor and bachelorette parties, so if you are in charge of throwing one, consider checking it out before booking a date for the big event.

Everything In One Location

Hustler Club is one of the most expensive strip clubs built in the area. It is comparable in size to Sapphires but does not only have a stripper viewing area, but also a full-sized store full of treasures related to the topic. Enjoy the action of strippers on stage and around you and then top off the evening with some souvenirs to bring back to your place.