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420 Tours

When it comes to marijuana friendly vacations, few spots are able to complete with that of Las Vegas. Thanks to all the magic you can already experience on The Strip, you'll have ton to see and do. However, as for the marijuana industry, it's still on the new side in the city, which means you can't simply go into a hotel and begin smoking, or go into a casino and begin using. The cross over between identified narcotics and gambling is still pretty strict, so that will likely come later on down the road. In fact, that is why taking one of these 420 tours is such a good idea. The tours will help give you a lay of the land and show off the best spots for enjoying great stoner vacations. Weed tours are continually popping up, but for now, here are some of our favorites.


This is a great feature because you can actually go about it at your own pace. You don't have to arrive at a certain location at a specific time. After all, things tend to happen in Las Vegas, so keeping a strict schedule is not always possible. It is an app based tour that runs Thursdays and Fridays, 4pm until midnight, and Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm until midnight (some of the set locations are just not open during the other tims of the day or week. There are planned routes and pick-ups offered through the app (think of it almost like Uber with this regards). You will hop on the Loopr bus, where you can enjoy your cannabis. Plus, the bus is equipped with just about anything else you might want, so it is well worth you checking out. When you hit up the app, you can opt for a one day, three day, weekly or monthly pass to the service.

Highway Weed Tour

This is all about finding you the best product in Las Vegas. Highway is put on by a licensed grower and it is all about taking you out to different spots for the highest quality product. You can check out a handful of dispensaries, not to mention other sightseeing spots for the weed lover in you. If you're interested in enjoying food along with the tour, take the "Highnoon" tour, as this comes with both tasting and sightseeing.

420 Tours Las Vegas

You might not find cannabis hotels with these tours, but it is one of a kind. That is because the tours provide unique vehicles and everything is personalized to cater towards your desire for pot. There are all sorts of tours offered through 420 Tours. This includes a Wake 'N Bake tour, which is self guided so you can take it as you go. There is I Brought My Budtender, the Private Las Vegas 420 Tour and even Cultivation Tours. This way, if you'd like to check out where the products are grown, this can happen. So if you've ever wondered how the majic of marijuana takes place and how it moves from crop to a joint, you'll be covered with this one.


This is a great little bus tour that will take you to different signature stops throughout the city while also educating you on marijuana itself and how it is produced. You'll stop by several different cannabis dispensaries, check out a cultivation facility and look at a few different production plants. Think of it like touring a brewery, just with marijuana. After all, who said you couldn't learn something about marijuana and the entire production process while out in Las Vegas?

Herbology Tours

We like this one because on top of the different tours, there are a few different add-on activities that really take this over the top. Some of the additional features include cannabis cooking classes and touring a glass blowing facility, where you can buy your own hand blown gear.

As you can see, there are plenty of weed tour options available for you. You just need to select the one that works best for you and your time frame. Now, there is a great chance some new tours will pop up in the next few weeks and months. When we find new great tours, you better believe we'll inform you about what's happening and what we recommend. And, of course, if you really want to have a great time, make sure to book yourself a time with one of our beautiful escorts and stay up to date with our articles on weed.