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Your Taxi Driver Is Like A Secret Concierge

5You arrived in Las Vegas and want to enjoy your downtime. What's a guy to do when he is in an area away from home where there's no one he really knows? Most people stay in their rooms waiting until it is time to head back to familiarity. You, however, are resourceful. You heard that cab drivers can help you find the action in larger cities....and you are right. Here's the rundown on the "secret concierge" services you can wrangle out of your cab driver in Las Vegas.

Get A Ride To Thrilling Hotspots

Cab drivers hear from all types of people when they give them rides to places in the city. During conversations that they have with their passengers, they find out exactly which hotspots are the best of the best. If you want to go out for a cocktail or five, want to boogie the night away, or feel like watching beautiful unclad women, your cab driver most likely knows where the hottest spots are. All you need to do is ask. The best part is your cabbie will also bring you to and from these exciting establishments so you don't need to navigate the city streets yourself.

Find A Date Unlike Any Other

If you are solo in the city, and you want to meet up with a gorgeous woman to spend time with during your stay, seeking help from an escort service is the way to go. You'll have the benefit of having a partner to keep you busy while out and about as well as a no-strings-attached date for your allotted time. Cab drivers know which services to stay away from and which ones are legit. Simply ask your driver if they are aware of any professional escort services in the area that would recommend and you'll be on your way to fun and festivities in no time.

Spend Some Alone Time With A Special Woman

Finding a woman who is available to offer you companionship in the comfort of your room may feel like a task that is beyond your means. In Las Vegas, it is risky to ask women to accompany you to your hotel room without knowing who they work for first. A cab driver will know exactly which services are available and which are reputable. In fact, they have access to websites that you can pull up on your cell phone while you sit in comfort in the vehicle they are driving. You can browse through profiles and look at photographs of women available for hire to spend time with you in private. These escorts are known to provide clients with relaxing massages, sexy stripteases, and more. Don't hesitate to come right out and ask your cab driver if they are aware of professional escorts for entertainment purposes.